Ye kaisa neta hai?

ye kaisa neta hai,kehta kuch hai,karta kuch aur hai, 

dikhata sapne khush haal haryana ke hai,aur 60,000acre ki haryaali ko buildron ko bech deta hai,

vaade karta hai naujwaanon se naukriyon ke,aur 5 lakh 80,000 yuvaaon ko besahara chod deta hai,

jaat arakshan mein haryana ko jalte dekhta hai,aankhein moond leta hai,jab ram rahim ke chele haryana ki dhajiyaan udaate hain,

pradesh ko sabse badaa khatra tumse hi hai,hmaara sabse bdaa dushman, hmaara apna neta hi hai.

Why don’t we vote?

Gianni Versace once said,” I made my first dress for my sister and maybe every dress I make is for her.” It goes same for each one of us, of course not about dresses, but about every single time we go to vote, its not just for a political party, it is for our sister who has just delivered a baby, a  brother who is about to start a start up, a spouse who manages home and expenses like a juggler, old parents who need healthcare from time to time or our school going kids who need quality education in a safe environment.

 If we vote sensibly, then we vote for their and our bright and secure future. But if we don’t vote, then what? There is a lovely quote which goes like: Not choosing is also making a choice. If we choose not to vote, then what will happen? Then we will have to live with the choice that others have made. In todays time, when even small kids wear clothes of their choice and eat what pleases them, then how can we live happily with the choice of others of who should run the country?

If we comprehend this well, still why dont we go to polling station and cast our vote? I reason I listen often is: how will one vote make a diffrence? Yes, it will. Go ask Nirmal Kaur who lost Mohali MC elections to kulwinder Kaur by 1 vote or don’t you know that  Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s govt fell after 13 months when they lost motion of confidence by 1 vote? We all have heard the story of the old man who gave one stick to all his kids and asked them to break their own stick, everybody could snap it easily, but when all those sticks were tied in a bundle, no1 could break that bundle. There is something simple yet magical in being together and this election, we should come together and realize our true power of being the youngest, largest and fastest democracy in the world. We must vote and inspire others to use this power.

Who is best for Chandigarh?

I am sure, homo sapiens came from primates, I on the other hand came from the family of peacocks, before you jump to any conclusion about my hallucinating mind, let me tell how. In past two months, from time to time we have been blessed with cool pawan( actually like the congress stalwart from chd), I find myself by the side of lake, looking for peacocks. I am a blogger by chance and get most inspired when I get to listen to the peacocks.

Actually, its not just the peacocks who inspire me, its also the conversations of my fellow homo sapiens I am privy to. Last Saturday evening, I was siting on the stairs of the lake and pondering over the ripples being made here and there with fishes swishing around, when a group of not so young men pretty jolly by nature, decided to sit nearby. Some were bald and others had big tummys, what they all had in common was the love for discussions. One standing near me started with: wherever I go, I listen only about elections and which party will win, so today we will not talk about elections. Everyone sitting around noded in communion, then one asked meekly, has the bjp decided on its candidate from chd? Someone else added, isn’t that actress with long hair contesting this time? To which the first one replied that she has not done anything in last 5 yrs, who would give her ticket this time. Someone else said, her husband the famous actor is very close to the man at the top and will surely be pressurizing him.

They further went on to discus, there are two other options( with a very senior member having quit bjp and joined AAP). The current state president, who has not done much himself but is reaping fruits of his fathers hardwork. The last option  is a lawyer but has not much following among Chandigarh citizens, which the congress candidate surely has. So, it is a tough choice to be made this time by bjp. Then why is bjp not coming up with a name, when congress declared its candidate ten days back? Even these chandigarhites could not come with a name who can stand tall in front of the congress candidate. The sky had slowly turned from blue to grey to black, the fishes had probably fallen asleep and the peacocks could not be heard anymore, maybe all were praying in their silence to give wisdom to the people of Chandigarh to choose the right man, who can restore the city of its previous pride and glory.

When floods hit North India,what will d chowkidaar do?

If I open the weather app, this whole week seems sunny. That is a huge relief for me n the almirahs. I belive in last one month or so, the almirahs had started taking me as a psycho, because I am in my late 30s n in last 3 decades I have said au revoir to winters around feb. Packed woollens and nicely stacked them in the backside of almirahs. That is when cool, light coloured lovely summer clothes come out.

However, this year has been a roller coaster. Not one week passed since mid jan when rain Gods did not come to bless us. I am sure all love birds would enjoy it but just imagine the plight of the umbrella who was on a hibernation as monsoon is supossed to land in North India in the first week of july but now every week during end jan and full feb and half march, we enjoy pakoraz and chai.

All thanks to our darling netaz and their chowkidaars, now you would also think that this writer is actually a psycho, as how can rain in mid feb be the work of a chowkidaar?
Well, I am not an environmentalist or an anti chowkidaar agency but just hear me through. Don’t we all remember, how the floods created havoc in Kerala in 2018, well seems like the rain Gods did bless them bountiful. If not all but a huge part of that water could have seeped in the grounds had over mining not been done on a spree there.
Now the khattar govt has passed PLPA  ammendments, under which 60,000 acres of land in aravali range has been opened to real estate, inspite of opposition by other major parties, isnt this playing with nature? isnt this an open invitation to floods?
So my question is simple, when Floods hit north India, what would the chowkidaar do?

I don’t want to go to Canada but I also don’t want to stay here

So, lately I have been more tied up with work, so much so, that the only time I get to walk is at night aftr 9pm, when my son is asleep and all my tasks for the day are done. Last night as I put headphones and my running playlist was on, I got teleported to Malibu with Miley.

As I was about to turn left from my lane, a hand tapped my shoulder. My neighbour, a 50 year old young fellow wanted to alert me that it being late and dark, I should confine myself to my locality. So my dream of running on the running track, which by the way is mere 1km away from my home was  shackled till daylight hit panchkula.

To, come to think of it, my neighbour was very right, with 4 rapes happening in Haryana every day, means in last 5 yrs, more than 5000 females have been raped in Haryana, is horrifying for anyone. To think of it this way, I and all other females in Haryana surely be staying indoors not just at night but during the day as well. Also tell me, who all should we be aware of? I mean how do we recognize the culprit or should I say culprits( with gang rape in haryana soaring to 1.5 per lakh people where as national avg is .3). Kidnapping of females has increased 100% in last 2 years. With crime rate against women being one of the highest in country, this is no place to live or to give birth to our future gen. There is a dialogue in the movie Zakhm, where Sonali Bendre says to Ajay Devgan, that she wants to move away from India before her delivery because she wants to give birth to her kid in a place which is safe for the kid, same way, my husband keeps on saying to me, lets move to Canada, its much safer than here, well my answer is, any place is safer than here but is running away the solution? Then what exactly is the solution? I believe we have to make our females stronger both mentally and physically. Also, our judiciary should be unbiased and quick enough to make sure that culprits are caught and punished at the earliest. We should choose such leaders who have sisters and wives and daughters, so that they respect females and not pass erroneous statements about their dresses or characters. We should also focus on the fact that we bring up our sons in a way that they learn to respect and not harm women.This may not be possible overnight but well begun is half done, lets start from here and see how far we can go( or run in my case).  All said and done, my question still remains, if I am to say here or move anywhere, what should be the rape rate of that area?

Bank Waive Offs

In the movie 10,000BC, there is a dialogue which goes like: a good man draws a circle around himself and his family to take care of them, a better person draws a larger circle and brings in it his brothers and sisters, but there are few men who have such a destiny, to draw a circle so large to include many many people in it.

 I always believed that our Prime Minister is one such person who should draw a circle large enough to include each and every one of the 135 crore Indians. He should make sure that each family has an employment option to have atleast a square meal daily, to create opportunities for fair methods of wealth generation. What we see happening is quite the opposite: Money squandering happening in the name of waiveoff by banks of lakhs of crores.

 Loans have been waived off in past as well but the current govt has added a new dimension to the financial sector messup by taking figures from 25,352 cr waiveoff in 2009 to 19,61,393 crores in last 5 years. If we divide this amount equally among 135 cr Indian, each one would  have 15k in their account and don’t forget the 15 lakhs which were to come after black money was to return on Indian soil.

I am told, this is just the tip of the iceberg, with each passing year, the number of scams is exponentially increasing and so is the number of zeros in the amounts.  I fail to understand, what do our politicians do with all this money?

When they claim that they did not marry so that they can serve the nation, then for whom are they amassing all this wealth? Who actually are they serving, the big diamond business men who they let run away? The money which could have been used for the development and welfare of the nation, is being amassed by a handfull of poeple. I was reading a joke, how the man on the top is obsessed with the alphabet A, so it seems his circle has just Adaniz, Ambaniz etc . Even, I am thinking  of changing my name to Anamika, who knows, soon I may have more zeros in my bank balance though my bank may not have


The Manohar Lal Khattar government has completely failed on the

employment front. More than 6 lakh youths are registered as

unemployed in the employment exchanges of the state, but the total

unemployment in state runs into tens of lakhs. As per the 5 th Annual

Employment-Unemployment Survey (2015-16) Haryana finds a place

among 20 states in the country with the worst unemployment rates.

The situation is so bad that for 92 posts of peons advertised recently,

there were more than 20,000 applicants, among them MBAs, BEds,

JBTs and MAs.

Frustration is setting into the youth who are now being forced to

resort to desperate measures like escaping from their problems by

taking recourse to substance abuse or indulging in unfair practices,

including crime.

While there are few government jobs to be had, the Khattar

government has also failed miserably in skilling and re-skilling the

youth in the state to make them capable of getting gainful


To cover up its failures on the employment front, the state

government has resorted to giving doles to a fraction of the

unemployed youth in the state under the Saksham and

unemployment allowance schemes. Favouritism is rampant in these

schemes and there is anger among the deserving youth who are

being left out. By offering these doles the state government is in fact

is killing the desire of these youth to work.

Tiger Roars Again

What is it about the tiger that hasn’t been read or talked about or discussed, Oh, I should have made it clear, today I am not writing about the tiger in the woods but the Tiger who has fascinatingly re conquered the greens.

 A child prodigy, who had golf  in his veins, picked his first club at the age of 2 and by 20 he was a professional golfer, went to become world number 1 for a record of 264 weeks till 2004. But life is full of twists, he ran into rough waters on both marital and professional fronts, had multiple surgeries, even fell to the ranking of 1199 in Dec 2017. At the age of 41, everyone was saying, he has lost the fight in the battle.

But today, after 1 and a half year, he is back on top and what a win he has had. If this isn’t a roller coaster ride, I wonder what is. I often question myself, after being so high and then super low on all fronts, physical, mental, social, professional, emotional, what is one thing that keeps him going and not give up? I may not have the best answer but what seems to be the most probable explanation is : infinitely indepth knowledge of their field and unquestionable faith in their capabilities which comes purely with experience of having started early.

Lately, many anchors, interviewers seem to be asking congress candidates similar question, are they fighting a lost battle? Does the congress party have in it to win this election? My answer is, lets start with basics. We are talking about a party which has been in existence for past 133 years, means they bring with them a huge bank of first hand knowledge and expertise to handle all kinds of situations. They helped us gain independence, so they understand well how to throw out rogue elements.They gave us stalwarts like Lal Bahadur Shastri, chacha Nehru, Indira Gandhi and many more who have set the course of the party in top gear. They have run the country from front for almost 5 decades and not like Bjp which in comparison was formed merely 38 yrs back. I wonder if they have the experience or expertise to take along a country of 135 cr on the path of development.

I am also certain, that our own Tiger( national animal), may have dwindled in numbers but with right support and dedication from our countrymen, it will soon revive and be back on its path of glory. He may be down but is not out.

A Trip To Remember

The first road trip I remember was to Simla( ofcourse it was Shimla then)  with my parents and younger sis. We wanted to run away from the summer heat, but not wanting to travel in rickety bus of himachal roadways, the train from kalka travelled at a speed which even the tortoise from the hare and tortoise story would overtake easily, hence, we laid our faith in the japanese brand( Maruti 800) for an uphill journey.

 As soon as we touched the pinjore garden it seemed to me the whole City is going to crash in us, from tonga wala to the rickshaw puller to the pedestrian, all were rushing somewhere without giving a thought to traffic rules or the traffic hawaldaar( who had given up all hope of managing chaos and was busy lighting a cigarette).

Miraculously, we crossed Pinjore and the first sight of hills was just around the corner when the super loaded and amazingly narrow market street of Kalka welcomed us, If Pinjore was crowded in my eyes, Kalka was a terribly unorganized and ill managed place to cross though, We had been just 30 mins into the journey and the summer heat and traffic had shot up the temper of everyone in our car.

 Dad was honking non stop at an auto rickshaw who refused to budge and mom was arguing as to why had dad given way to the big ambassador, my sis was getting pickly because the radio channel was not of her choice and I better not start what was going on in my head, all I can say is, It would have been better had we stayed in the confines of four walls.

 But now we were out and stuck in this together, just as we thought we had found way, an old man on a scooter came out of nowhere and we would have almost banged in him, dad put on the brakes with full force and I think my mum even pulled the emergency brake, my sis and I were too shocked to say anything.The collision was averted just by the skin of the teeth and this surely made us realize, that its not about the heat or the traffic, its about us travelling as one family and enjoying all the experinces which life may thow at us.

So the next lap of the journey became better and no fighting or bickering happened till Simla or even on our return journey. Now you would think, why am I sharing all this, truth be told, ever since I heard about the parivartan bus yatra, my thoughts are going back to my first road trip and everytime I end questioning myself, the great leaders who have embarked on this road trip( first of its kind, I hope not the last), how are they managing their tempers and ego and personal differences and like my small family, will they be able to keep aside their differences and reach the final goal as one team?  Will the bus yatra bring parivartan to bring them closer or would they drift even apart like the fallen leaves of the gulmohar tree which welcomed us at the end of our journey

Earth Day

Of all the joys of the senses, I believe I relish the sense of smell the most. Whether it’s the smell of wet earth after rain or its the whiff of sweet aroma when a mango tree starts to flower, I find them absolutely intoxicating. A friend used to call me a doggy because of my acute sense of smell. So much so that when I used to go for a run in the morning, I could tell exactly what is being cooked in which house.

Even now when I go running, I can tell what was cooked in the house last night. No, its not that my sense has developed over the years, Its just that now I find stale chapatis/vegetables/rice dumped right by the side of the road. Not always do I need to use my sense of smell, my sight also helps me in predicting, like is there a kid nearby whose stomach has been loose( used diapers are scattered).I believe I can be a detective someday.

 Jokes apart, It is not a pleasant sight. Filth all along the streets in residential areas, huge dustbins placed in sectors are over flowing ( I am sure half of the diseases originate in here). You won’t believe but the case in industrial areas is many notches higher, where solid waste management is practically not even heard of.

 A list published by Central Pollution Control Board mentions that of 79 composting plants in India, less than 15% are actually functioning and rest all have been under non working ranking. Only two Waste to Energy Plants have been built in India till now.

Thus the obvious question here is: Is Swachta Abhyaan only about getting politicians clicked with huge brooms? Firstly the garbage isn’t collected daily and neither are the streets cleaned regularly. Then whatever garbage is collected, there is no system of managing it. So is this abhyan just an eye wash, is it just to fool common man in the name of votes?

On one side, we talk of celebrating Earth Day and planting more trees, on the other side, amendments are passed in the PLPA to release 60,000acres of Aravlli land to real estate bidders. Who are we trying to fool if not ourselves? If now also we don’t vote for the right party and bring to power those who don’t do things just for the perfect selfie but for the betterment of the nation, then we are bound to stink in this stench for eternity. An ancient Hebrew Sage asked, If not now, When?

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